What Should You Do If You Are Infected With Ringworm?

The fungal disease can spread from one part to another and it can easily spread to others in your family. If you feel red rashes that form like a ring on your skin, you need to be very careful and keep yourself and others in your family protected from the highly contagious disease. To be neat and clean is the first step to prevent you from getting infected.

If you are infected with ringworm, you should avoid scratching your skin, which can cause more damage and can create more complications.You should wash your clothes in hot water and bleach them if possible so that the fungus does not stick to others. You need to keep the infected area clean and if possible; you have to tie a clean cloth or band aid around the infected part. This will prevent the infection from further spreading. Using the same towel, clothing are the main reasons for this infection to spread, so avoid using common towel and bed.

At the sight of this infection, you can start applying anti-fungal powder or cream that is available at the counter, but if you find the infection to be spreading or developing, you need to contact your medical practitioner who can recommend you with the best anti-fungal treatment. Ringworm is not an infection that can be left easy, proper treatment at the right time is required so that it does not lead to any other problem like scarring etc.

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