Causes of Periorbital dark circles

Periorbital pigmentation

Dark circles can be one common occurrence when you are facing a medical condition called as periorbital pigmentation. You may even feel that your eyes are swollen or sunken as the under eye skin goes weak without any supporting tissue or fat pad. This leads to leakage in the blood capillaries and causes hyper pigmentation or extremely shadowy dark circles under and around your eye. Stress, lack of normal sleep and long working hours can be the major factors which cause periorbital pigmentation.


Anemia is a condition wherein the body does not have enough iron and other vital supplements to take in the oxygen which is highly essential. The lack of oxygen supply causes the under eye skin to turn bluish in color which is a common dark circle indicator. So eating iron rich green leafy vegetables and fruits and taking dietary vitamin pills can help the body absorb oxygen in a better manner.

Liver problems

If you have a liver which is functioning improperly, you can easily notice the dark circles around your eye area. Liver might get damaged due to inflammation, intake of high amounts of alcohol or other chronic syndromes. But when this happens the body gets weak and the pain and fatigue gets exhibited in the blood vessels which in turn is turns to dark circles.

Menstruation or pregnancy periods

Women who are menstruating or are in their last trimester of pregnancy usually can notice dark circles in their pale looking skin, due to the depletion of iron content from the body. Even the pain and exhaustion can make purplish or bluish toned dark circles more evident as the veins pop out through their translucent thin skin.

Dark circles which are a result of medical conditions can be eradicated with the right lifestyle, if required treatments or a best skin lightening cream. So understand your eye and look for the symptoms regularly.